Golden Fifties Plus

Levelland High School

Levelland Texas

Golden Fifties Plus

Levelland High School

Levelland Texas

Golden Fifties Plus represents Levelland High School graduates from "The Fifties."


(The Plus indicates that any and all who want to be a part of this group are welcome.)


Thank you, Dock Sewell, for your tireless efforts over the years to hold us all together.


Members and friends of Golden Fifties Plus have established a tradition of meeting in

Levelland Texas each year on the first Saturday following July 4. (Old Settlers Day in Levelland is celebrated on the same day.)



Typically, Golden Fifties Plus participants will gather at a local hotel as early as Friday evening and continue to visit on the Saturday following.


Dependent upon the wishes of the group, there may be related activities, including a Saturday lunch, which could give further structure to the "get together."


This new website is being designed to foster more communication with as many Golden Fifties Plus members as possible. The goal is to have growing numbers of participants in the annual affair.

July 2017 Photos





Here is what you need to know about this year's GoldenFiftiesPlus

exciting get together in Levelland



Friday July 13

Saturday July 14


Holiday Inn Express

 in Levelland

Some rooms may still be available. Call them at


We have reserved the breakfast room there for a Friday evening visit, and, perhaps other times at your leisure.



Hey, Classmates! Take a look at the list below to see Classmates who have committed as of 7/10/18 to attend dinner at Swackhammers on Friday July 13. Make your contacts to add your name(s).

This will be a very nice affair!

Charles & Mary Anderson, 1956

David & Bootsye Barnes, 1957

James & Bonnie (Stewart) Becton, 1955

Maurice Bigham, 1955

Bill & Patty Billingsley, 1956 - 1960

Jackie (Timberlake) & Earl Blair, 57

Leon & Shannah Blevins, 1956

Jerry & Mary Boudreaux, 1955

Gaynelle (Schoenrock) Box, 1958

Virginia (Youngblood) Cason, 1958

Dick Clardy, 1953

C. Mack Clark, 1959

Sue Cole & Jim Cole, 1954 - 1956

Don & Janet Copeland, 1953

Pat Corbin, 1954

H Cowan +1, 1955

John & Fran Dupre +1 1958

Glenda Eagle, 1957

Ron & Sherry Edwards, 1956

Al & Treva Erhler, 1958 - 1959

Tommy Evans, 1955

Jackie (Wynn) French, 1954

Barbara Edwards George, 1958

Derry & Carolyn Harding, 1954

Coley Hofacket +1

Jerry & Patsy (Kauffman) Holland, 1958 - 1962

Paul Homer, 1957

Shirley Dodd Johnson & George, 1956

Bonnie (Stogsdill) LaShomb, 1953

Frank & Susan Lawlis, 1958

Janice (McKenzie) Lee, 1954

Martha Stretcher Joiner Manley & Ray, 1953

Patsy (French) McCulloch 1953

Melba McDermott, 1954, & Linda Johnson

Ray McDermot + 3

Bill & Bobbie (Latham) Murray, 1952 - 1955

Jerry & Gaylene Myatt, 1958

Jerry (Lassiter) Neal, 1953


Joe Nipper, 1956

Frank & Lois Odell +1, 1958

Linda (Deere) Odell +13, 1958

Tommy & Patsy Oehrlein, 1955

James Pierce & Berta, 1952

Aline (Hughes) Prather, 1954

Ray Quiett, 1953

Howard Ragland, 1958

Steve & Ann Ray, 1959

Dale & Jenny Read, 1958

Sonny Reeves +3, 1958

Linda Leatherman Roberts, 1958

Alvis & Areta Robinson +1, 1955 - 1958

Grace & Tom Rogers, 1955

Guy & Carolyn Rush, 1950 - 1954

Dock & Patti Sewell, 1953

Carl Shamburger, 1958

Florence (Mayhew) Shoemaker, 1956

Gayle & Bill Smith, 1953

Sharon Smith, 1958

Fred Spears, 1955

James Stanley, 1956

Joyce & Irwin Steagall, 1958

Donna & Herb Stephens, 1960

Judy Huddleston Stephens, 1957

Sue (Copeland) Tipton, 1958

Jack Van Ness, 1953

Mary & Darrell Vines, 1954

Mike Vinyard +1, 1958

Shirley (Renfro) Ward, 1956

Gary Watt, 1959

Sandy & Don Williams & daughter Mica Melby, 1956

Sharon & Chig Wilson, 1956

Tricia Gray Wilson, 1959


Total - 132




The plans are about set for the 2018 Golden Fifties Plus Reunion on July 13-14.   We have a large contingent coming and can make room for even more, but we would like a head count for the Friday and Saturday meals.   Many of you have already let us know about Friday evening, and it would be helpful, but not totally required, to let us know if you plan to stay for the 1:00 p.m. meal on Saturday, as well.  Because of the large number of people attending, we have to have a set menu rather than order individually at the restaurant.



Our original block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express have all been reserved, but as of March 23, rooms were still available.  Ask for Golden Fifties Reunion rate though that is now up to the discretion of the hotel management.  Holiday Inn phone:  806-894-8555.  Amy Tindel is our contact there.


Friday, July 13:


5:00 p.m. Gather in the breakfast room of the Holiday Inn Express in Levelland to register and visit.


6:00 p.m  Buffet Dinner at Swackhammer's, directly across from the Holiday Inn.  Menu:  8 oz. Rib Eye Steak, baked potato, vegetable, salad, dessert & drink for $15.00 each, plus gratuity.  Seating will be in tables of four and six, not a long table.



Return to Holiday Inn after dinner for further visiting.  Be sure to sign the registration sheets so we can keep up with each of you.



Saturday, July 14:


Breakfast on your own.


9:00 a.m. Early Settler's Day Parade on the Square for those who wish to attend.  Visiting in the Holiday Inn meeting room or in the breakfast room after breakfast is served to hotel guests.


11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  Meet at the Memorial Wall next to the old Lobo Stadium.


1:00 p.m.  Buffet Lunch at Swackhammer's.  Menu:  Hamburgers and fixings, assorted chips, brownies & drink for $10.00 each, plus gratuity.  Seating as for dinner.  Last official activity.


Return to Holiday Inn after lunch for further visiting and to say our good-byes . . . till next year.






Our leader:

Sharon Kirk Wilson


Our forever communicator:

Dock Sewell


Our Memorial Wall

Brick Mason:

Jerry Boudreaux


Two extraordinary ladies who work hard to organize and support all our


reunion activities:


Mary Marcom Vines


Grace Wheeler Rogers


webmaster: "H" Cowan

who will be selling trinkets of questionable value to raise a few dollars for brick mason Jerry Boudreaux to continue updating the Memorial Wall (so we don't have to ask Mexico to pay for it)



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